Bugatti Chiron is Here and It’s Downright Devious

Bugatti changed, or perhaps even defined, the hypercar landscape with the Veyron back in 2011.  Never before had a car done so many things so well and the previously unheard of price tag reflected just how special that car was, despite VW actually losing money on each Veyron sold.  Four-figure horsepower, 16-cylinders, quad-turbos, a sound system that costs more than most cars, the Veyron did almost everything better than every other, “production” car on the market.  Since the introduction of the Veyron, it has undergone a few transformations, but remained largely unchanged.  Car enthusiasts around the world have been wondering what Bugatti could do to top such a crazy machine.  What could match the insanity of the Veyron?  What could push the hypercar realm to the next level?  Oh, I know!

Meet the 1478HP, 261MPH, $2.6 million Bugatti Chiron.  If those basic stats don’t tighten up your shorts, the Chiron will do 0-125MPH in 6.5 seconds.   

04_CHIRON_grand-palais_34front_WEB.0 04_CHIRON_Molsheim_front_WEB.0 05_CHIRON_grand-palais_34-rear_WEB.0 06_CHIRON_grand-palais_34-rear_WEB.0 07_CHIRON_Molsheim_34-front-up_WEB.0 09_CHIRON_dynamic_34-front_WEB.0 09_CHIRON_grand-palais_side_WEB.0