The Insane AMS “Alpha G” GT-R Is Even Crazier Than You Think

The GT-R has become legendary for super high-horsepower builds and AMS Alphas are known far and wide for being some of the wildest.  Spanning from 700 hp all the way up to some absolutely monstrous 2,000 hp builds, Alpha GT-Rs have periodically claimed the title of, “fastest GT-R in the world.”  When the Alpha 20 2,000 hp GT-R crashed at DSM Shootout in October, it was considered the fastest around.  A very unfortunate ending to a beautiful machine.

Alpha 20 Crash 2015

Alpha 20 Crash DSM Shootout 2015


Never fear, AMS is back with an even meaner, faster, more powerful Alpha to once again become king.  Enter the 2,500 hp “Alpha G” GT-R.  This ludicrous Godzilla (G — Godzilla, get it?) is sure to break all kinds of records and boy does it look scary. An additional 500 hp over the Alpha 20 ensures the Alpha G will be the baddest GT-R in the world and wiith two massive Garrett GTX forward-facing turbos and front-side exit exhaust & wastegate dumps, this thing looks the part.  Hail to the king.

Look at those turbos!

Look at those turbos!