7 Pieces of Car Furniture You Need Right Now

Cars in the House?  Well, Not Whole Cars!

Some car people have a thirst that just can’t be satisfied by a garage full of cars, tools, and parts.  For that special kind of gear-head, furniture made of car parts is a dream come true.  What better way to make your significant other hate your passion even more?  For you, we’ve collected the very best car furniture you can make yourself, leaving out the crazy stuff you would have to pay the big bucks for.  There’s no particular order here because each one is just plain awesome!

This Turbo Lamp



This Ferrari Recliner
Ferrari Recliner
This Piston & Connecting Rod Clock
This Camshaft Stool



This STi Desk Chair



This V8 Coffee Table and Wine Holder



More Cylinders = More Booze.  V12 Wine Rack



Alright, maybe the last two are pretty similar.  You can never have too much wine though, especially to appease your spouse when they inevitably get angry about more car stuff.  Have some cool car furniture of your own?  Show us!