Watch a 691hp Tesla Race a Ferrari 458. The Result Might Surprise You!

Ferrari vs Sewing Machine

Ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls — the moment we have all been waiting for has arrived!  Since the reveal of the Tesla P85D, an electric luxury sedan with a dual motor all-wheel drive system touting an astonishing 691hp, every car fan has wondered how it would measure up to the top supercars on the block.  Without further ado, watch this electric monster race a Ferrari 458 Italia below!


That’s one mean sewing machine!  Not surprisingly, the AWD and instant torque of the Tesla allowed it to spank the Ferrari out of the hole, but the top end power of the Ferrari couldn’t be matched by the Tesla at higher speeds.  Although it seems the Tesla will be outmatched by somewhat less powerful petrol-powered vehicles at highway speeds, it’s still going to take an extremely powerful car to take one down and very few cars will keep up at lower speeds.  For a heavy luxury sedan priced at under $100,000, the P85D is one bad mother!  Oh, nobody will ever hear you coming either!