Focus RS Details – Subie Drivers Everywhere Pee Pants

This is it.

Details on the upcoming Ford Focus RS have come to light and everyone is talking about it.  Some had speculated that the first generation of Focus RS to hit the USA would end up front wheel drive to keep costs down, but it has now been confirmed that the car will be AWD with torque-vectoring.  The 2.3l Ecooboost inline-4 from the Mustang has also been confirmed to produce over 320hp with improved strength cylinder liners and a more resilient head and head gasket.


Real AWD

The below graphic outlines the specifics of how the new RS AWD system works and it’s a pretty sweet setup.  Most expected a Haldex AWD system, but we are pleasantly surprised to see a superior setup being used in this car.



Ford has thrown a wrench into the niche market previously dominated by WRX/STi and Evo, giving Subaru and VW some competition as the Mitsubishi Evo leaves the market.  With Subaru staying out of the hatch arena, this car may steal more sales from VW’s Golf R, but you better believe Subaru this car has some folks at Subaru worried.  Check out the video of the 2017 Focus RS below from EVO.