488 GTB Brings Turbo Back to Ferrari

Meet 488 GTB

Oh, baby.  Ferrari brings back turbo power with the upcoming 488 GTB.  F40 fans, as if anyone isn’t a fan of that car, will be excited about the new stallion’s 3.9-liter twin-turbo v8, slated to make 661hp and 560 lb-ft of torque.  This unique powerplant will propel the car to 60 in three seconds flat and a top speed of 205mph.  Onto what you really want to see:

488-gtb-rear 488-gtb


The 488 will come with a plethora of new tech goodies trickling down from Ferrari’s Formula One development.  Torque management through the transmission ensures smooth power delivery, while Ferrari’s newest iteration of magnetic suspension and active aerodynamics components will keep her stuck to the pavement.  This is one hot pony.  We think it looks a lot like a mix of LaFerrari and 458 Italia.  One thing’s for sure though — dat ass has class.